Google Adwords Postal Code Targeting Now Available in Canada

To my fellow Canadian search marketer’s, the team at Google Adwords has finally added Postal Code Targeting in Canada as part of their geo-targeting options to provide a boost to local advertisers.

While our US counterparts have had the opportunity to target ZIP code targeting for quite some time, companies targeting Canadians can now target or exclude geographic locations by Canadian Postal Code FSAs. This means you can now geo target to the first three letters of a postal code and it will look like this when logged into Adwords:


The early winners in my opinion for such targeting opportunities include bars and restaurants looking to advertise lunch and happy hour specials in combination with day parting. For example, a bar owner near  a financial district can create an online display campaign targeting finance and stock websites during the afternoon hours to attract nearby traders and analysts for happy hour. Other winners of this new targeting option include direct marketers who will now have the ability to reach the same people both online and via direct mail.

**sidenote – if you are  a search marketer or a direct marketer and you’re not sure what the other person does, it’s time you introduce yourself to one another as you are about to become the best of friends.

While I can’t wait to use this for a client, I’m hoping Google has worked out any limitations recently reported by John Lee of Acquisio for Zip Code Targeting in the US.


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