Google Flexes its Muscle to Acquire Google Plus Sign Ups

While most people will be making their opinions known today when Facebook launches some new features at the F8 conference, including a ticker and top stories, many of you may or may not notice Google flexing its muscle to acquire new users for their social networking platform, Google Plus, using their homepage.

Personally, I think this has to be one of the most basic forms of advertising I’ve seen in years. Let’s take the world’s most popular website and add an arrow to let everyone know that we have a social network.



For you non-digital natives, Google launched Google Plus back in July to a limited audience by invitation only (unless you have zero friends on Facebook and Twitter, getting an invite was not difficult). ¬†Yesterday they announced that Google Plus has finally been released in beta fashion to the public. Coincidence ? I think not. Facebook’s new features may just be the catalyst to drive some existing users running for Google Plus.

With Google Plus now open to the public, it will be interesting to see how eager people are to signing up to yet another social network.

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If this arrow on the homepage doesn’t provide enough awareness for people to sign up, I wonder how long it will take before we begin seeing ads on one of their million plus partner sites (like they have been going for Google Adwords as per below):



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