Google Reviews 2012 with Powerful Video and Imagery

This video is simply too powerful not to be watched. Make sure you watch this in full screen to really appreciate it and the year that has been 2012. Some of the imagery is simply amazing. “Never stop Searching” is certainly the mantra of the human race. Here’s to moving forward in 2013.


Looking to review what else happened in 2012, Google’s Zeitgeist website also provide trends and searches on a number of topics including:

  • Featured Films
  • Popular TV Shows
  • Major 2012 Events
  • Athletes
But wait, there’s more, Google has also provide what’s trending an a number of Countries.
So if an Alien race is looking to get up to speed on 2012, they have to look no further than Google Zeitgeist.


While Google may not have captured everything, what was the highlight if your 2012?



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