How to Tag Other Pages on Your Facebook Business Page

How to Tag Other Pages on Your Facebook Business Page (Timeline)

So I’ve just returned home from the hockey rink (surprise, surprise) when I noticed that I’ve been called out as a Facebook guru by from a couple of folks in my social circle looking for a solution to a Facebook query they have been working on throughout the night.

“Maybe when we all wake up, Alison Stoodley or Sheldon Payne or some other facebook guru will have solved the riddle.”

So here I am at 1 in the morning solving the riddle of tagging other  pages on your Facebook Business page (a.k.a timeline)

Let’s get started

What is Facebook “tagging”?

Similar to mentioning someone on Twitter , Facebook also allows you to do the same by using the @ symbol followed by the beginning of the page you want to tag. Once you insert the @ symbol a drop-down list will appear like below so you can choose whom you want to spark a conversation with

Example of Facebook Tagging


Once you have tagged a Facebook page, not only will they page owner see receive a notification to know they have been tagged but everyone who reads your post can now see the business’ page as well. Hopefully, they will appreciate the extra awareness. If the folks from the Vancouver Cancucks ever read this, please contact me. Go Canucks Go.

Why Tag Facebook Pages

If you are looking to increase engagement on your Facebook page, tagging other business pages or people on your Facebook post are a great way to do it. It can be a great conversation starter that will allow more people to see your content and join your community.

How to Tag Facebook Pages (Timelines)

While Facebook is constantly making changes, at the time of this post there are only two things you have to do to Tag from one Facebook page to another.

  1. Like the page, you want to communicate with from your personal profile.
  2. Ensure you have ticked the “Always comment as your Page” within the “Your Settings” section of your Facebook Page

Facebook Page Tagging Setting

Additional Tips for Facebook Tagging Businesses & Personal Profiles:

  • You can tag up to 50 people or businesses in a single Facebook post
  • Businesses can’t tag personal profiles in status updates unless they have left a previous comment

This should solve the riddle. If not, please contact me via my Facebook Page ( so I have to dig a little deeper and hopefully keep my Facebook Guru status intact.

Sidenote: Please use the following etiquette before engaging in Page Tagging

  1. Be Selective: Everyone likes to use you please and thank you but don’t be a Tag whore by flooding other businesses with tags. Your fans will stop liking you and your Brand will suffer.
  2. Be Respectful: Like grandma always said “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it all” – Before you post, please think about the person you are tagging and whether or not they would want to be associated with your brand and vice versa.
  3. No Spam: This should be a no-brainer but I have to include it. Stay away from the self-promotion and sharing irrelevant content.

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  1. Hi – this isn’t working for me.  I’ve liked the Page I’m trying to tag both as my personal profile and as my Page; I’ve got the “Always comment and post …” box ticked; regardless of whether I’m logged in as my Page or as my personal profile the tag fails. 

    The tag looks like it succeeds – it is highlighted when I use the @ symbol, and it becomes a clickable link in my own Post, but the tagged Page does not get notified of my tag and my post with tag does not appear on their Page even when I select “Posts by Others” from the drop down box.

    Am I doing something wrong?  Our community of Pages used to promote each other by using tags, and now we can’t do this, it seems.

    Can you help us?

    1. You can’t tag as a page, only persons can.

      1. That is not correct. Of course Pages can tag other Pages.

        1. Hello mark, i’m having an issue with my page when i post on another page, i can see the post but the other page can’t

    2. Hi Alec… Yes.. I believe this feature has been turned off by facebook. You can post on THEIR wall but obviously being respectful. This will only show to people who look at their wall.

  2. I am also having this problem. The local Chamber of Commerce allow there member to post on there wall. I have had them change settings to allow tagging so the it shows up in a new feed. All the post go to Recent post by others.

    We need a way to get notices by others that are fans of the Chamber’s page.


  3. Wow, I have been trying to figure this out forever lol! It is so simple, but Facebook makes it so difficult to figure it out… Thanks! 

  4. Hi, I’ve tried this technique, Following all the steps. Still did not show on there homepage. Any other ideas? I liked the page, I ticked the mentioned box, Then Tagged there page, visited and it’s no where to be seen? 

  5. For some reason, certain pages I already like don’t show up in the drop down list but pages with similar names whom I don’t and never will have any interest in or will ever like show up to available as a tag. I do have that checkbox checked too. Any ideas?

    1. I have had this problem too. I’ve been searching for an answer, but I can’t find it.

    2. Un-like the page and then re-like it. I think Facebook may be prioritizing liked pages in date order, with most recent pages showing up first.

  6. Your entire blog post, “How to Tag Other Pages on Your Facebook Business Page
    (Timeline)” was worthy of writing a comment down
    here in the comment section! Merely wanted to mention you actually
    did a very good work. Regards -Lesli

  7. I finally got it to work – you can tag other pages, but not in the original post.

    I’m not sure if this works with text posts, but it worked for my photo! I posted the photo, then went into “edit” and edited the caption. Using the “@” symbol brought up the desired page to tag. It linked correctly, but didn’t show up on the tagged page anywhere. Oh well.

  8. I am running into a problem that when I try to tag a business page from my business page, I begin with “@” and I am provided with a choice of pages but none are the one I need. How do I tag the page that I want if i’t not on the shortlist?

  9. Thank you for information, it is working with my page, I have been wondering how it works but now I can tag my other pages to my page.

  10. Thank you! This has been driving me crazy for weeks!

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