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Inside The Brain – Week in Review May 22

While it’s hard to catch up on every news tidbit and how to in the world of Digital Marketing, below are several articles worth reading during a break from the work week:

Social Media

5 Successful Twitter Marketing Campaigns You should know aboutWhile Facebook gets a lot of the attention when it comes to ‘sexy’ marketing campaigns by brands, there are some great examples from Twitter, that show how brands are using the platform to their advantage, to engage with followers in new ways.

5 Top Qualities Your Social Media Manager Should Have!You don’t have to have a masters degree to run an effective social media campaign but it is not something that just anyone can do.   Below are 5 qualities some of the top businesses, who understand the power of social media, are looking for when hiring a social media community manager.

Likes Are Not Loves – How To Waste Time “Marketing” In FacebookI heard the other day that if someone “Likes” your Facebook business page, they’re over 90% likely to never look at it again.


How to Avoid PPC Campaign Strikeouts – Good decision-making is the key to avoding and preventing some common PPC pitfalls. Here are three curve balls to watch out for from Search Engine Watch.

Mobile SEO Tips For Everyone – Filmed on an iPad 2How are you ever going to be able to optimize your mobile web presence when you don’t have one?! Fret not! On this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus from SEOmoz’s very own SEO team gives some pointers on how to keep sites optimized for cell phones and tablets without breaking the bank or the brain.

Wellness Article of The Week

Can A Real Man Be A Vegetarian? – Can you be a real man if your steak and potatoes consists of tofu substitute?


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