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How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Ever realized that it ‘s been a week since you posted something on your business’ Facebook page? When did you last share something on Instagram? Got caught up in a day of meetings and didn ‘t engage on LinkedIn? This is why you need a social media content calendar.

There are many reasons to want to get your brand on social media: maybe you want to advertise your latest products or new events, give interested parties a behind-the-scenes look at your culture, or simply have a direct channel to casually communicate with your audience. Social media can be seen as a sort of wild west, where everything is intended to be organic and off-the-cuff, but the lack of results begotten by inconsistent behaviour have led more than one company to decide social media is a waste of time. In contrast to outward appearances, careful planning and consistent execution can win the day on social media, and there are few better places to start than with the creation of a social media editorial content calendar.
4 Reasons to Use a Social Media Content Calendar

Preparing your content in advance will ensure that you stay organized, and doing it in one chunk instead of day to day will be more efficient. We recommend creating at minimum a week of content at a time, up to a month at a time. If you prepare in advance, you won’ t be stuck with nothing when things get busy.
Plan Your Content Strategy
Before you start filling out spreadsheets or writing content, think of

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