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5 Tips for Starting a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Cover Photo Examples

With a client opening a brand new business this week, I began creating a social media presence from scratch. This can be a great challenge to businesses, both old and new, who have not had much experience in the social media sphere. With the beginning stages behind us and our client, what better time to offer up some tips on entering the world of social media! You may know how to use social networks from a personal perspective, but how do you apply that knowledge to your business? If you’re unsure how to answer this question, we’ll help you to fill Continue reading

How to Protect Your Facebook Profile From Graph Search


Facebook has recently rolled out it’s Graph search feature. Here are the steps you need to take if you are concerned about your Facebook privacy to reduce the chance of appearing in search results from people you don’t know due to the privacy settings within your account. Step 1 – Click the “About” section from your profile. Step 2 – Change Who can see your information. Under each of the following sections of your profile: Work and Education, Living, Relationship Status, Basic Information and Contact Information you will find an Edit box. When you click the edit box for each Continue reading

The Best Iphone Photo Editing Apps for Instagram Supremacy

10 Best Iphone Photo Editing Apps for Instagram Supremacy

One of my favourite commercials in recent months is Apple’s “Photos Every Day” which is one of a series of ads where Apple displays the impact the Iphone has add in the world since it’s inception. The ad has been posted on Apple’s website and YouTube channel. You can watch it below. This ad in particular focuses on the Iphone’s picture taking feature and if you have an Iphone in 2013 it’s more than likely that you have downloaded or have heard of Instagram. Unfortunately there’s no one for all app to do everything Instagram, luckily I’ve decided to create a list of the Continue reading

5 Reasons to Invest in Search Engine Marketing

There are a number of benefits to running a paid search campaign. First, the results are immediate, unlike natural listings resulting from any SEO efforts; your SEM campaign will drive qualified traffic to your site via Google, Yahoo, and MSN as soon as your campaign begins. Second, unlike some other advertising channels, we have total control throughout your entire campaign from start to finish. With your paid search campaign we can: Control the amount you are willing to pay per click Choose which keywords or phrases you would like to appear in search results Choose which message(s) you would like Continue reading

The Best Anti Smoking Campaign Ever

Best Anti Smoking Campaign Ever

Smoking in any way shape or form has always been something I’ve never endorsed and never plan to. Both of my parents smoke and always have so I’m not sure where my intolerance for the non-smoking comes from. I’ve asked them to quit on many occasions and they have tried without any success. After all my years, I wish could have used this tactic when I was a child so perhaps they could have quit. I stumbled upon this tonight while preparing for a presentation tomorrow at noon and I couldn’t help myself from taking the time to create this Continue reading