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The Best Anti Smoking Campaign Ever

Best Anti Smoking Campaign Ever

Smoking in any way shape or form has always been something I’ve never endorsed and never plan to. Both of my parents smoke and always have so I’m not sure where my intolerance for the non-smoking comes from. I’ve asked them to quit on many occasions and they have tried without any success. After all my years, I wish could have used this tactic when I was a child so perhaps they could have quit. I stumbled upon this tonight while preparing for a presentation tomorrow at noon and I couldn’t help myself from taking the time to create this Continue reading

The 10 Best Twitter Directories to Grow Your Twitter Followers

10 Best Twitter Directories

Whether you have just signed up for twitter and you are looking for your first or you have hundreds of thousands of followers and you still want more. Twitter directories are a great place to find new followers who live in your city, are thought leaders in your industry, as well as those who share common interests and hobbies. Personally, I like them to find leaders in the digital marketing industry. I also like using the directories to find users in different industries when I have a new client in an industry where I need to perform research and analysis. Continue reading

Tweetdeck Ends Mobile App and Facebook Support – Here are 3 Alternatives

Tweetdeck Alternatives

If you have using Tweetdeck to monitor Facebook activity, you will notice that all of your columns have or will have¬†disappeared¬†by the end of the day. As of May 7th, Tweetdeck has discontinued it’s support for Facebook. If you have been using Tweetdeck’s mobile app, well it’s time to find another social media management tool as that’s also gone as the now Twitter owned company has shifted it’s focus to the browser base and desktop tool. These moves have been in the works since March so this post will only be a surprise for anyone who hasn’t been on Tweetdeck Continue reading

How Run A Facebook Contest with These 15 Steps [Infographic]

Manage Facebook Contest

It’s difficult to check Facebook these days without seeing a contest from one of the many Fan pages that exist on the worlds largest social media networks. From tickets to sporting events to dinner for two at the McDonalds, it seems like everyone and their dog is giving away something. If you thinking of running a contest in the near future, here’s a little help to make sure you get the most engagement and likes on your page.     Continue reading

Google Reviews 2012 with Powerful Video and Imagery

This video is simply too powerful not to be watched. Make sure you watch this in full screen to really appreciate it and the year that has been 2012. Some of the imagery is simply amazing. “Never stop Searching” is certainly the mantra of the human race. Here’s to moving forward in 2013. Looking to review what else happened in 2012, Google’s Zeitgeist website also provide trends and searches on a number of topics including: Featured Films Popular TV Shows Major 2012 Events Athletes But wait, there’s more, Google has also provide what’s trending an a number of Countries. So Continue reading