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How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Ever realized that it ‘s been a week since you posted something on your business’ Facebook page? When did you last share something on Instagram? Got caught up in a day of meetings and didn ‘t engage on LinkedIn? This is why you need a social media content calendar.

There are many reasons to want to get your brand on social media: maybe you want to advertise your latest products or new events, give interested parties a behind-the-scenes look at your culture, or simply have a direct channel to casually communicate with your audience. Social media can be seen as a sort of wild west, where everything is intended to be organic and off-the-cuff, but the lack of results begotten by inconsistent behaviour have led more than one company to decide social media is a waste of time. In contrast to outward appearances, careful planning and consistent execution can win the day on social media, and there are few better places to start than with the creation of a social media editorial content calendar.
4 Reasons to Use a Social Media Content Calendar

Preparing your content in advance will ensure that you stay organized, and doing it in one chunk instead of day to day will be more efficient. We recommend creating at minimum a week of content at a time, up to a month at a time. If you prepare in advance, you won’ t be stuck with nothing when things get busy.
Plan Your Content Strategy
Before you start filling out spreadsheets or writing content, think of

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Instagram 101: An Introduction to Instagram

Instagram 101: An Introduction to Instagram

An Introduction To Instagram
In this post, I ‘ll provide you with an introduction to Instagram, how to set it up and use it for your business. Please check back as this post will be updated on a regular basis with new feature updates, tips and strategies.

What social media entity is owned by Facebook, has 1 Billion monthly users, and is considered to be the single most important social network among American teenagers? If you said Instagram, you’re right. Instagram drives 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. If you run a photography or other visual arts business, you’re probably already on Instagram, but no matter what kind of industry you’re in, the service should be part of your social media strategy.

Instagram is primarily a mobile-only application; there is a website interface, but it contains extremely limited functionality – you can view your feeds and update your profile, but you can’t post any content. When you launch the app for the first time, it will take you through the account setup process.
Why Instagram Is Important

Over 1 Billion people use Instagram every single month
500 Million+ people worldwide use Instagram every day
80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram
400 Million+ Instagrammers use Instagram Stories every day

Instagram Basics
Setup Your Instagram Account and Profile
When setting up your account for the first time, you have two options, you can sign via the desktop platform at Instagram.com or you can download the Instagram App from the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

The setup process is straightforward but here are some helpful tips when creating your account:

Try to reserve a username that you are using on your other social media profiles as this will make it much easier for people to find you and your brand.
If you are a business, set your account to the “Business Profile” as this will allow you to take advantage of the in-app insights and adverting options. This will also allow you set up direct publishing from tools like Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Buffer.
If you are a business, choose a profile picture that is on-brand with your other social networks. (Profile Photos should be 110 by 110 pixels)

After signing up for an account, the first thing you’ ll want to do is to follow some people and look at their photos. Like its parent, Facebook, Instagram uses an algorithm to determine what to show you and when so don ‘t panic if someone suddenly drops out of your timeline. Just go engage with their account and they should start showing up in your timeline again.
Find People to Follow
You can find your followings by connecting to Facebook or your phone contacts. If you want to search for other folks, click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen and Instagram will show you some videos, Stories (we’ ll get into those in a minute), and photos

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Get More Snapchat Followers with Ghostcodes

How to Get More Snapchat Followers - LinkedIn

If you are on snapchat, one of the biggest hurdles has been how to increase or get more snapchat followers. Sure once you get the app, you add people that are in your address book. That ‘s great if you have thousands of contacts in our address book but the truth is that most of don’ t.

So how do you find new and interesting people to follow on

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