The 10 Best Twitter Directories to Grow Your Twitter Followers

Whether you have just signed up for twitter and you are looking for your first or you have hundreds of thousands of followers and you still want more.

Twitter directories are a great place to find new followers who live in your city, are thought leaders in your industry, as well as those who share common interests and hobbies. Personally, I like them to find leaders in the digital marketing industry. I also like using the directories to find users in different industries when I have a new client in an industry where I need to perform research and analysis.

Here’s a short list of the 10 directories where I have found success. There’s a short description of the directory as well as the link where you can sign up via with your email address or with directly with with your twitter again (which I prefer any day). So let’s get started.

1. (

WeFollow - Home Page

How to signup:

2. (

Twitter Directory Twittercounter

What is Twitter Counter?

Twitter Counter is an analytics service for Twitter. It provides statistics of Twitter usage, and also offers a variety of widgets and buttons that people can add to their blogs, websites or social network profiles to show recent Twitter visitors and number of followers.


3. Just Tweet It (


Just Tweet It Logo

How to signup:

Register with your email address –

4. Twellow (

Twellow Twitter Directory


How to signup:

5. Twibs (

Twibs Twitter Diretory

How to signup:

6. (

Tweetfind Twitter Directory

How to signup:

7. Localtweeps (

Localtweeps Twitter Directory


How to signup:

8. (

How to signup –

You can sign up via Twitter, Facebook Connect, LinkedIn or by email.

9. Twibes (

Twibes Twitter Directory

How to signup

Sign up via Twitter

10. Twiends (

Twiends Twitter Directory

How to signup

Sign up email, twitter, and instagram

If I missed a twitter directory which you feel should be added to this list, please leave a comment below or send me a tweet


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  2. Great post. These Twitter kind of directories will help to have backlinks to my clients TW accounts as much they will favorise their promotion and help to increase followers. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sheldon,
    thank you for the list. I’ll try some of them (WeFollow works great, Twellow returned an authentication problem…)
    warm regards
    Juan María

  4. Wow! Thanks alot for the list. Just what i neeeded to start growing my twitter folowers..

  5. great resource mate!

  6. Sheldon,
    this is an absolutely fantastic article. Packed with valuable information that any marketer or Twitter user should go through one by one. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Awesome list. I will check all your suggestions to boost my Twitter presence.

    Have a good day

  8. Great list of twitter directories! I have used a lot of these myself with good results.

  9. Wow! Thanks alot for the list.

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