Tweetdeck Ends Mobile App and Facebook Support – Here are 3 Alternatives

If you have using Tweetdeck to monitor Facebook activity, you will notice that all of your columns have or will have disappeared by the end of the day. As of May 7th, Tweetdeck has discontinued it’s support for Facebook. If you have been using Tweetdeck’s mobile app, well it’s time to find another social media management tool as that’s also gone as the now Twitter owned company has shifted it’s focus to the browser base and desktop tool.

These moves have been in the works since March so this post will only be a surprise for anyone who hasn’t been on Tweetdeck prior to March or simply don’t pay attention to the support notices from Tweetdeck.

If Tweetdeck has been your go to mobile app, don’t worry, here are 3 social media mobile app alternatives to get you back up and running with the flick of your finger or thumbs.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Mobile App

This is by far my favorite social media management mobile app and if you haven’t already have an account, get one. You can Sign up for Hootsuite here.

For most users, the basic account will be enough as you can add up to 5 social networks (including Facebook). For those power users, you also sign up for a Hootsuite Pro account (free 30 day trial) which will allow you added unlimited accounts. Personally, I’ve been using the Hootsuite Pro months has I have over 20 accounts that need managing.


2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social Mobile App


Sprout Social is an advanced social media management tool so I would only recommend this for consultants or companies who have required analytics for their social media activities.


3. Uberscocial

ubersocial mobile app


This is a probably the fast mobile app and allows you to tweet and post to Facebook at the same time.

The live preview is great and allows you to watch or view photos or videos directly within the app.

If you know of other apps to add to this list, please leave your comments below.

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