The Best Anti Smoking Campaign Ever

The Best Anti Smoking Campaign Ever

Smoking in any way shape or form has always been something I’ve never endorsed and never plan to. Both of my parents smoke and always have so I’m not sure where my intolerance for the non-smoking comes from. I’ve asked them to quit on many occasions and they have tried without any success. After all my years, I wish could have used this tactic when I was a child so perhaps they could have quit.

I stumbled upon this tonight while preparing for a presentation tomorrow at noon and I couldn’t help myself from taking the time to create this post about a subject that has touched so many and has challenged the anti-smoking organizations for years. Maybe, just maybe someone will see this for the first time and quit this dirty habit or have second thoughts about picking it up.

The campaign is nearly a year old but it’s still effective. The fact that I’m writing about the campaign a year later only goes to show how power social media and more specifically content marketing has become in this digital world we live in. So how effective was the campaign:

– It claimed a 40% increase in phone inquiries by smokers who want to quit. In this day and age, that’s phenomenal if consider how littler people use phones for actually phone calls. Let alone to call a number from a number for an ad campaign.

– There were over 5,000,000 YouTube views in 10 days.

– It stimulated over 20,000 comments globally about the hazards of smoking.


If you have seen any other anti-smoking campaigns with similar success I would love to hear about them.

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