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Google AdWords: Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Page Best Practice

This is the third blog post in my Google AdWords series. My first blog post focused on planning your campaign, and the second on choosing keywords. This post will discuss best practices for landing page selection. Your ad copy may be good enough to inspire a lead to click on it, but what happens then? Your landing page is the most important component of your ad campaign for converting a lead to a customer. First of all, you might be wondering “what is a landing page?” A landing page refers to the page on your website that your ad will link to, that a lead will Continue reading

Google AdWords 101 – Part 2: Beginner Tips for Choosing Keywords

This is the second blog post in my Google AdWords series. My first blog post focused on planning your campaign strategy. This post will explore keyword development a little deeper and provide some ideas on how to create your keyword list. Keywords and landing page selection go hand-in-hand: together, they determine your ad copy. It’s necessary to consider this relationship to ensure your ads are successful. There should always be a match between your keywords, your ad copy, and your landing page copy. A direct match will increase your quality score (the score of relevancy Google assigns your ads), which will keep your costs lower Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Next SEO Consultant


Hiring a SEO Consultant (or company) can be one of the most critical decisions you make as an organization. Unlike an expensive newspaper or television ad that has a short shelf life, a good search engine optimization strategy can take months to impact your business in any positive manner but the results are well worth the investment in the long term. Unfortunately, the results from a poorly planned and executed SEO strategy can cripple your business if you hire the wrong consultant or company. Evaluating a SEO service provider can be a daunting task for anyone who is not familiar with Continue reading

Google AdWords 101- Part 1: Planning Your AdWords Strategy

Search Engine Marketing Planning

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is quickly becoming the standard for obtaining guaranteed and fast positioning in the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Unfortunately, it can also become the quickest exit plan for your new or current business if not properly developed and managed. Setting up your first AdWords campaign can be confusing, but once you do it the first time, it gets easier and easier. In my Google AdWords blog post series, I’ll share my best practices so that you can become a seasoned paid search marketing expert. In this post, I’ll start with how to Continue reading

How to Protect Your Facebook Profile From Graph Search


Facebook has recently rolled out it’s Graph search feature. Here are the steps you need to take if you are concerned about your Facebook privacy to reduce the chance of appearing in search results from people you don’t know due to the privacy settings within your account. Step 1 – Click the “About” section from your profile. Step 2 – Change Who can see your information. Under each of the following sections of your profile: Work and Education, Living, Relationship Status, Basic Information and Contact Information you will find an Edit box. When you click the edit box for each Continue reading