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How to Lower Your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Build it, and they will come. When referring to website visitors this mantra may (or may not) be true, but that’s only part of the story. What truly matters is what happens when your visitors reach your site. If they glance at it and don’t like what they see, they will leave without performing any actions. That’s called a bounce, and that’s usually a bad sign.Read More

How to Set Up Google Search Console

How To Setup Google Search Console

In this article I’ll show you how to setup Google Search Console

There are few things more important to your website than proper SEO. Whether making sure your pages have the correct amount of characters for their metadata descriptions, having your most recent changes indexed in search engines, or even just knowing if you have any broken links or 404 pages, there are a lot of factors under the hood to keep track of. Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) has positioned itself as one of the most useful and reliable SEO tools, as befitting the search engine giant that developed it. If you want to take advantage, but don’t know where to start, read on for our helpful guide on how to get Search Console running for your website.Read More

How to Remove FBCLID from Google Analytics

How to Remove FBCLID From Google Analytics - Sheldon Payne

Have you noticed ?fbclid in your Google Analytics reports recently? Does it look like this?


Here ‘s how you can remove fbclid from your Google Analytics to get your Google Analytics reports looking nice an clean again.

What is FBCLID?
FBCLID is a parameter that Facebook placed on outbound links shared on Facebook. Basicially, if your website has been shared on Facebook by you or someone else you can track this acitivity on your Google Analytics. Unfortunately for all of us analytics geeks, it’ s made our reports very messy.


How to Remove FBCLID from Google Analytics
Luckily there ‘s an easy way to remove this from your analytilcs to clean up your data again. Unfortnutatly this fix will only help you with your data after you implement this.

Here are the easy steps to fix this.
Step 1
Go to your View Settings under your Google Analytics View as per below.`

Step 2
Under Exclude URL Query Parameters (optional) simply add the text fbclid (make sure it’ s lowercase). If you have other parameters, you can keep these but make sure you have a

Read More

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