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Digital Marketing

Comparison of Paid Press Release Distribution Services: the Good, the Better, & the Best

Paid press release distribution services syndicate news to their own networks of sites, journalists, bloggers, media outlets, and syndication partners. It places news in front of target customers to ensure that it is effective and successful. Using a press release site helps a business grow. It establishes a brand, However, not all paid PR services are created equal. There is good, better, and the best. Let’s take a look at …Read More

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

2018 is just a few weeks away! And while you’re preparing for the holidays and spending time with your family, it doesn’t hurt to reflect on 2017 and all the good (and bad!) things it brought with it. As we move closer to 2018, ask yourself: did you meet your marketing goals? What changes do you hope to implement in the New Year? Looking ahead, here are five trends that …Read More

3 Reasons Why A Business Should Outsource Their Digital Marketing

While everyone may have a different reason for thinking so, the general consensus is that 2016 was a pretty awful year. The one bright spot is that it’s now 2017, and we all have the ability to start fresh to outsource your digital marketing. The overarching goal of most businesses is to grow and expand, but especially when it comes to marketing, many find themselves without the time or resources …Read More