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How Run A Facebook Contest with These 15 Steps [Infographic]

It’s difficult to check Facebook these days without seeing a contest from one of the many Fan pages that exist on the worlds largest social media networks. From tickets to sporting events to dinner for two at the McDonalds, it seems like everyone and their dog is giving away something. If you thinking of running a contest in the near future, here’s a little help to make sure you get …Read More

Facebook Sponsored Ads Versus Google Display Network Infographic

For all of those digital media planners out there looking to defend your rationale to allocate budget in Facebook or Google. Please read the research from the folks at Wordstream comparing Facebook Advertising to Advertising in the Google Display Network. The research compares advertising reach, ad performance, revenues and growth, ad formats, and targeting options (all with a nice report card image) Highlights of there research include: Facebook and Google both …Read More