Comparison of Paid Press Release Distribution Services: the Good, the Better, & the Best

Paid press release distribution services syndicate news to their own networks of sites, journalists, bloggers, media outlets, and syndication partners. It places news in front of target customers to ensure that it is effective and successful.

Using a press release site helps a business grow. It establishes a brand,

However, not all paid PR services are created equal. There is good, better, and the best.

Let’s take a look at these press release services and what makes them stand out:

Price Comparison of Paid Press Release Services

1. Newswire

Newswire is the distribution platform that is best in customer service. Not only that, it offers a wide range of PR services under its hood.

If you’re a business looking for more requirements, this is the exact platform that can provide your need. It offers press release distribution, media monitoring, media database, media outreach, newsroom, and PR strategy.

It offers different plans to fit any budget and size. The basic plan called Premium costs $119.

The plan covers premium network distribution to 250 media outlets and Google News inclusion. It allows up to 6 hyperlinks, up to 4 images, embed video, industry list,  up to 2 additional files, autopost on social media accounts (FB and Twitter), share preview to clients, and publish notification through email. Distribution reports are given to clients.

Not only Newswire is “best in customer service,” but it is also the “best in value” as it continues to develop its products to provide more valuable results.

The site provides one of the fastest turnaround time among the PR services in the market. They make sure that your release is error-free despite the quick process.

The site prioritizes the inclusion of multimedia in the release because they understand its importance in search engine optimization and exposure. In other PR companies, clients need to pay extra for adding images and videos.

Based on reviews, the paid distribution site is easy to use, efficient, provides quality work, and excellent customer service. They commended the site’s very responsive team who is ready to give a helping hand throughout the process.

It is suitable for startups and small and medium companies that don’t have big investment for distribution. The site is also recommended for companies that are new to distribution. It’s not hard to use the platform because there is always someone who is ready to assist.

With the platform’s extensive plans, any companies no matter what size can use the site. You can just choose any plan that suits your goals and budget.


2. eReleases

eReleases is a popular wire service for small businesses and startups. It is suitable for companies with a very limited budget. It is recognized for providing wide distribution at an affordable price.

It has been awarded as a “small business leader” due to its quality work at a fair price. The basic plan called Buzz Builder offers syndication of news to at least 60 online media sites, Tier-1 Newswire US national distribution direct to editorial desks, AP and Google News inclusion, and WireWatch proof of distribution report.

It provides writing service for $300. A package of writing and distribution costs $599. First-time clients can get a $100 (33 percent) off on the first distribution basic plan. Instead of paying $299, they just have to pay $199.

Clients who have used the PR site appreciate their responsive team whenever they have inquiries. They quickly answer any queries and return on time.

The site has a proven track of record for generating interest from the media. There are customer reviews that prove that its distribution resulted in mentions or media coverage.

3. PR Web

Distribution of releases can boost the exposure and visibility of a brand. PR Web excels in boosting a company’s online exposure. And the site can reinforce your message without the need for paying an expensive plan that increases traffic and sales.

It is recommended for companies that want to gain more exposure online. It covers many sites and locations in its network.

The basic plan costs $99. It distributes the release to PR Web and other major news sites. Registration is a must but it’s free.

The process starts with registration. The client then chooses the type of distribution they want. They then pay the cost of the plan.

Next is inputting the press release following the site’s format. You have to choose the specific industry you want to send it. The editorial team reviews the release before it gets published.

After revision, it is sent to target media. The site tracks your release. An analytics report is generated.

PR Web is the solution for brands that want to boost their online exposure. If they want wider visibility, they can get its Premium plan that costs $389.

Online reviews about the site tell that the customer service is not that responsive when a client inquiries. It takes time for them to answer, and usually, no one is available to chat.

4. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is the oldest and widest release distribution platform. In fact, it works with other paid sites to provide wider exposure and visibility.

It is the top choice of companies that are looking for the proven track of records in public relations. With many years of experience, they don’t have to show how they operate.

It is excellent for companies that want immediate exposure and effective PR results. Reviews show that companies that have used the site landed media coverage and mentions than any other PR sites.

As expected, it provides more expensive plans than any other PR companies. A membership fee of $195 is necessary before getting any distribution plan. Being a member provides added perks, including consultation, online member center, access to the distribution network, complimentary phone/ webinar training, online, email and phone support, media studio, member-only webinars, proofreading of content, and visibility reports.

The basic plan costs $350 where news is distributed only to local or state options. Regional and top market plan costs $575, while national plan costs as high as $880.

While the plans are costly, it is suitable for small and medium companies that can support expensive distribution in exchange for PR results. It fits those that want to see an immediate improvement in their business. Unfortunately, it is not for companies that have limited funding for the distribution of releases.

What’s good with this paid site is that you can choose either to go local, regional, or national. If you want to target local reporters, they offer a specific targeting to reach your audience.

They also offer plans if you want to reach the regional level or national level. If you want to promote your business to other countries, spending on online news distribution is still more affordable than paid advertisements that are very costly.

PR Newswire is the platform for companies looking for a strong network, detailed targeting, large industry lists, and focus on digital media. When it comes to reviews, previous clients are happy with its service.

They can be reached via chat, email, or phone support. They respond to queries very fast.

Again, there are reasons why using paid PR sites are sometimes pricey. The service comes with the cost. If you’re looking for PR outcome, using a paid site is better than using a free wire service.

Usually, free sites only syndicate content on their own sites. You can’t gain exposure and visibility that you want because it is only syndicated on its few sites for a very limited time.

There are also too many links on its site that may tag your brand as spam. Often, these links direct outside the site or to your competitor’s page.

Since releases are only sent to its few sites, it’s impossible that you can reach your target audience. It’s seldom that journalists are subscribed to this kind of free site.

It’s free for the reason that they have limited services. Oftentimes, if you want more features or exposure, you have to upgrade that costs like the paid wire services.

Paid distribution service is the option if you have an important or breaking story to share. These sites offer features that guarantee the outcome. Although there is no guaranteed publicity, they can increase the odds of getting one.

Their features and services come with the price. If you just want to save on distribution and just want mere exposure, you can start with a free site. However, for maximum result, you can combine the distribution services.

Using a paid site for distributing a release can be costly but it is still cheaper than any paid advertisement. You can also measure the results, so you’ll know if it’s a success.

If you want to know the god, the better, and the best, you can weigh each service. What PR site is suitable for your goal, needs, and budget? Only you can decide.

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Michael is an experienced leader and innovator with a long track record of successfully developing brands online. His proficiency in growing SaaS platforms, generating web traffic and global team building has aided in driving Newswire’s rapid growth. Michael strives to make press release Newswire the disrupter in the PR and Marketing space, allowing businesses to attract media attention without the need for high-priced agencies.

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