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New Facebook Fan Page Timeline Overview

In September of 2011 Facebook introduced Facebook Timeline for it’s users which meant that it was only logical Facebook Pages would also transition into the timeline mix. Well that time as come and if you are the owner (or admin) of a Facebook Page you have probably noticed something like this over the last couple of days when you were getting ready to make that next engaging post to share …Read More

How to Upgrade to Facebook Timeline

Unless you live under a rock, Facebook announced some major changes yesterday during their annual F8 Conference. The keynote started with an hilarious Andy Sandberg from SNL..You can watch it here…..http://youtu.be/WCuvzENr4oY One of the major changes announced is called Timeline which is basically the story of your life. While I’m sure there will be outrage from many Facebook users, I welcome the change and cannot wait for this to be …Read More

Inside The Brain – Week in Review June 5th

It’s raining here in St. John’s so it’s a great day to catch up on digital marketing. Here are several articles worth reading during a break from the work week: Social Media 5 tips for building a super-sticky Facebook page – Remember when “how to build sticky websites” articles were everywhere? Well, the goals for Facebook are different, and you risk being disappointed with your social marketing investment if you …Read More

Inside The Brain – Week in Review May 22

While it’s hard to catch up on every news tidbit and how to in the world of Digital Marketing, below are several articles worth reading during a break from the work week: Social Media 5 Successful Twitter Marketing Campaigns You should know about – While Facebook gets a lot of the attention when it comes to ‘sexy’ marketing campaigns by brands, there are some great examples from Twitter, that show …Read More

Are you a Social Media Virgin?

You know you should be adding social media to your marketing mix. But where to begin continues to elude you. Do you need Facebook? What about Twitter? How about a YouTube channel? And of course, there’s the biggest question of all: Where do you find the time to do it? Businesses of all sizes can use social media to stay connected to their customers, extend the lines of communication with …Read More