Inside The Brain – Week in Review May 14

While it’s hard to catch up on every news tidbit and how to in the world of Digital Marketing, below are several articles worth reading during a break from the work week:

Social Media

10 Simple Tips for Facebook and Twitter SuccessIn a world defined largely by social media — from business reviews to cultural revolutions — you cannot simply be where your customers are for the sake of being there. You must be there for a reason, and that reason must not be entirely, if at all, self-serving.

7 Reasons Replacing a Website With Social Media Is Stupid – While social media is a powerful tool for marketing and building online reach for a business, it does not fill the shoes of a corporate website.


The Real Cost of Cheap SEO With SEO, you typically get what you pay for.  If you are paying £500 per month for SEO in a competitive field where your competitors are paying £5000, then you will not be getting the same amount of time spent on activity.

Why Small Businesses Should Link Out A lot of advice has been written over the years telling you to never link out, and horde all the link juice for yourself. I disagree. You should link out as much and as often as you can, within reason. Here’s why.

Wellness Article of The Week

Multitasking Makes You Fat – Juggling multiple tasks at the office may impress your boss, but it could have unintended consequences for your waistline.

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