My First Nike+ GPS Run

While I’ve been using the Nike Plus Running system for more than a 3 years (mostly in the summer), a friend suggested changing to Nike + GPS while waiting for Thor 3D to start last week. He preached the benefits of the Nike Plus GPS over the regular Nike Plus which I normally use. The features which sold me were the ability to track your runs on a map as you run, the ability to post to Twitter and Facebook directly from the app, and the capability to use Nike Plus without purchasing a Nike Plus Sensor every 6 months at a cost of $40.

I was a little skeptical, so yesterday with temperatures reaching the high teens, I decided to give my newly recommended app a whirl. I added my profile to the app (takes 2 mins), exited Goodlife Fitness and away I went. So where does a 10K run in the downtown area take you, well have a look below:













To play, follow this link:

Now that my run was completed, I posted trek directly to Twitter and Facebook directly from your phone rather than connecting to your itunes.




The next step is to find other people in the city to play tag with (a new feature that I cannot wait to try)

So if you have an iphone and you like to run, I would highly recommend downloading the Nike + GPS from the Apps store.

Tag, your It.


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